Truth - Requiem

Shinya Sugimoto / Epiphany Blue

  • Truth - Requiem
  • Don't Go Remix

Released on April 5th, 2009
Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Shinya Sugimoto at FreedomSound, Brooklyn NY, Sep - Nov 2008
Written, Produced by Epiphany Blue and Shinya Sugimoto

Cover photo by Stonebird (CC licensed)

Truth - Requiem

Vocals: Epiphany Blue
Drums: Evan Lytton

Contains samples from
Lassus Requiem à 5, Mafnificat by Ensemble Pro Cantione Antiqua
(Harmonia Mundi, 1976)

Beethoven The Complete String Quartets by Alban Berg Quartet
(EMI, 1985)

Don't Go Remix

Vocals: Epiphany Blue
Background Vocals: M.Harris
Harp: Yukie Sugimoto