Cypher / Boobie Smiff


producer / mc

Ever since "Cypher" and his alter-ego producer "Boobie Smiff" was introduced in 2000 by "Slangston Hughes," a Brooklyn writer, they have been inseperable. Cypher, a Trinidadian Brooklyn-bred MC stirs up socially conscious thoughts over Boobie Smiff's well-brewed beats. Cypher has been described as a "melting-pot MC," consisting of one-part Spoken-Word, one-part Poetry and one-part Hip-Hop with a sprinkle of revolution and struggle. Cypher's freshman LP, "The Manifesto" has been pushed back because of creative differences between himself and producer Boobie Smiff since 2006. As of 2008, Mr. Smiff started his own venture, Hip-Hop production company "Sound of BUMS" which is based out of Brooklyn. Currently, Cypher has been in the studio and can be spotted spitting in New York City's local Open Mic's.